Sam Billen

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2000.

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Sound description: Pop music: like the infectious melodies of the Postal Service mixed with the more structured song formats of Hall and Oates Instrumental music: like the soothing soundscapes of George Winston mixed with the experimental-ness of Ryuichi Sakamoto Lullabies: like the songs your mom sang to you when you couldn't fall asleep (but with a man's voice singing) Jingles: like the crappy songs you hear on radio commercials that get stuck in your head for days (but better)

Influences: Dan Billen, Bill Billen, Japan, Simon Bates, Ken Komiya, the Billions, the Republic Tigers, the Postal Service, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Blonde Redhead, Ghosty, Sigur Ros, Tortoise, Pullman, Rachel's, Sufjan Stevens, Pinback, Jeff Buckley, James Iha, Bjork, Todd Rundgren, Paul Davis, the Beatles, Christopher Cross.


Folk / Singer-songwriter


Name Released Label
Album cover Merry Christmas 2007
Album cover Merry Christmas 2008
Album cover Headphones and Cellphones 2009 The Record Machine


Sam Billen started piano lessons at the ripe age of 9. His dad, Bill Billen, taught him three chords on the guitar at age 14 and, along with his brother Dan, he created the band the Billions in 1997. After three albums and a long stint of short-lived, nation-wide tours, the Billions decided to call it quits in 2007.

Throughout his time in the Billions, Sam kept his creative abilities flowing on the side as he focused on instrumental music and more 'experimental' musical endeavors. Currently, Sam is working on a new solo album he plans to release through The Record Machine ( as well as some instrumental and lullaby pieces he plans to release through his website