Sexy If You're Maladjusted

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2005.

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Sound description: The mix tape of your idols.

Influences: Marianne Faithfull, Al Green, Public Enemy, Alan Parsons Project, Tom Waits, Four Tops, Scarface, Grandmaster Flash, TV On The Radio, James Brown, The Smiths, Fela Kuti, M.I.A, Rage Against The Machine, Fischerspooner, The Dears, Temptations, Funkadelic (Over Parliment), The Walkmen, E.E Cummings, Radiohead, Robert Johnson, K-OS, Bob Marley, White Stripes, Louis Armstrong, The Cure, Andre 3000, Underground Hip Hop, Prince, Beach Boys, The Fall, Funk Brothers, Big Rube, N.E.R.D, The Beatles, Kanye West, Led Zepplin, Dizzee Rascal, Rolling Stones, System Of A Down, Elvis Presley, Blood Brothers, Placebo, Van Hunt, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther, Saul Willams, Dredsen Dolls, and you (but not me)!!!!!!!!!


Experimental / Noise


Sexy If You're Maladjusted is
an apparatus spurned on
by the upheaval of time,
and an attempt at feigning sterility.

Watch them try to fit a mold.
Watch them gossip behind the ear of Gorgias.
Floundering never felt so irresistible, BABY!

They were meant to dwell with stalagmites, suspended and bewildered,
but felt compelled to warble to the cadence of society,
before ascending up a flight of stairs,
smack into decline.

Isolationist branching or annexing?
Who knows?
They don't.