Shots Fired

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2003.

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Current Status: Shots Fired is currently living in Kansas City where they are writing and touring as often as possible.

Sound description: Shots Fired is an explosive new band from Kansas City with a sound that rivals bands like Sparta, Cursive, and The Used.

Influences: Thin Lizzy, The Cure, Helmet, Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, Mineral

Similar to: Quicksand, The Used, Texas is the Reason, Cursive, Coheed & Cambria, Vaux, At the Drive-In


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Self-titled 2004


The third person bios, press quotes and photographs seek only to convolute one immutable fact: Puzzles are better than paintings, and the music of Shots Fired stands out much like the former in a sea of the latter. Born and rising from Kansas City, three boys are proving that there is still anima in rock.

With a sound that transcends the current style and scene, Shots Fired continue to leave their mark with the release of their Self-titled CD. The CD, produced by Josh Shapira, was recorded at Rax Trax in Chicago, IL (Speeddealer, Remy Zero, Smashing Pumpkins and Filter) and was released in June of 2004. With songs ranging from Friday night melody to the dissonance of an alarm clock the following Monday, Shots Fired demonstrates that walking out of a record store with Drive Like Jehu, Thin Lizzy, and The Cure can still yield one fucked up amalgamation. Zachary Aaron, Billy Johnson (Frogpond), and TJ Matthews (Sunset Black) wouldn't dare change your mind about that.

Their massive sound and explosive live performance has landed them on stage in support of some of today's hardest-working bands; The Icarus Line, Reggie and the Full Effect, and The Detachment Kit. "This nuclear-power trio resembled a post-grunge version of 1980s indie-rock heroes Husker Du, squeezing off rounds of devastating rock," says David Linquist of the Indianapolis Star. Rock is back and Shots Fired is bringing more than their share of it.