Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2000.

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Current Status: Active, Performing in Lawrence/KC and looking to expand.

Sound description: Bonny crafts the beats using only a sampler, some obscure records and a lot of ingenuity. Joe Good assumes most of the MC duties, rapping on everything from growing up to flirting with ladies to (blush) gettin' freaky in the morning.

Influences: Hip Hop, Jazz, our lives, your lives

Similar to: Blackstar, Gangstarr, Atmosphere


Hip-hop / Rap


Name Released Label
Album cover SoundsGood 2002 Innatesounds / 64111Clinic
Album cover Kick It 2003 64111Clinic / Innatesounds
Album cover Money/Pacin single 2004 Innate Sounds
Album cover The Independent Success Story 2005 Datura Records
Album cover Biscuits & Gravy 2005 InnateSounds


Currently residing in Kansas City, MO and Lawrence, KS respectively, Joe and Miles met while attending school in 2000. Upon learning of their similar childhoods and musical tastes, they naturally created compositions true to their roots. After distributing a limited edition promo cd, they proceeded to perform throughout the greater KC area. Now, with their debut album, the SoundsGood vibe can be shared with the world. Born out of both the free spirited air of Lawrence and the soulful stride of Kansas City, the SoundsGood LP has arrived.