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Formed in Wichita, KS in 1998.

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Sound description: With the loss of their friend and bandmate Kirk Rundstrom to cancer, Split Lip Rayfield was hardly thinking about music during much of last year. But eventually they came to a resounding conclusion: Kirk would've wanted Split Lip to live on. An emotional return to the stage marked the beginning of the insurgent bluegrass trio's next chapter-one marked by sadness but also by the celebration of Kirk's legacy and the ever-growing tribe that coalesces 'round every SLR hootenanny.

Similar to: BR549, Rico Bell, Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys, Scud Mountain Boys, Old 97's, The Waco Brothers


Bluegrass / Roots, Country / Rockabilly


Name Released Label
Album cover Split Lip Rayfield 1999 Bloodshot
Album cover In The Mud 2000 Bloodshot
Album cover Never Make It Home 2001 Bloodshot
Album cover Should Have Seen It Coming 2004 Bloodshot
Album cover I'll Be Around 2008


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Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
His days in Scroatbelly

Kirk Rundstrom

None July 21, 2004
His duct-taped '84 BMW

Kirk Rundstrom

None July 21, 2004
How he taught himself to play banjo

Eric Mardis

None July 21, 2004
Rebuilding his heavy metal collection

Eric Mardis

None July 21, 2004
Split Lip's trip to Alaska

Eric Mardis

None July 21, 2004
The cloud that follows the band everywhere they go

Kirk Rundstrom

None July 21, 2004
Why Split Lip has never played the main stage at Winfield

Eric Mardis

None July 21, 2004


An outgrowth of the group Scroat Belly, the trio debuted in 1998 and is the band that asks the musical question: "O Brother, Where Art Thou Conjones?" Bluegrass worthy of being blasted out of the windows of a Plymouth Barracuda with 451 Hemi engine. Their live shows are the stuff of legend. They will whip crowds into a sweaty frenzy -- Jeff hunched over his homemade, gas-tank bass, Wayne, the Kirk Hammond of the mandolin, Kirk breaking guitar strings at a furious pace, and Eric, looking the part of a Civil War re-enactor, doing things to a banjo that Eddie Van Halen WISHES he'd thought of. Sadly, because their show are so good, they don't get the credit they should for their songwriting -- time-honored themes of bad cars, bad jobs, bad women, loss and longing, taken off the dusty shelves of the old-timey circuit and updated to make sense for those who don’t have shitty farming or mining jobs, but do have shitty jobs at Wal-Mart or Home Depot. They've got four part harmonies and wear their big hearts on their greasy sleeves. You will be surprised at how good they are.

If these guys weren't so nice we'd all be very afraid of them. They have more tattoos, break more strings, and drink more beer (almost) than any of our other bands. According to SLR, the Garden of Eden is in some muddy Winfield, Kansas field--except it only surfaces for a few weeks each September. They are the only Bloodshot band with attractive groupies. Early live shows featured a real chicken, but we guess they got hungry. Speaking of hunger, Jeff knows, like, 87 recipes for gar.

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