The Amazing Donkey Show

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2000.

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Current Status: Until recently known as merely 'Donkey Show' We formed as a band, then broke up. Our singer had a drug problem and our drummer wanted to start a shitty band called Santo Gold. A few years passed and we got a better although no less foul smelling drummer, and our singer kicked his drug habit so he could pursue another addiction: hanging around playgrounds with a trenchcoat on. Now that everyone has agreed that the rock scene in Lawrence sucks balls, Donkey Show has re-emerged to fight of the evils of indie-pop wherever it may lurk.

Influences: Classic horror, gay porn, and bourbon. People tell me we sound like the Dead Boys or early Motley Crue. I think those people can eat shit.

Similar to: Getting fingercuffed by two black studs.




We were all hanging out in the same bar hoping to get lucky. I was wearing a dress and the other guys all slipped me roofies. Imagine their surprise when we all woke up in the same bed together! Imagine their surprise when they saw my penis and realized we were all brothers! That was the day that I learned a valuable lesson: It's not gay as long as you wear a viking helmet and high five each other in the morning.