The Anniversary

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1997.

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Current Status: Split as of January 2004.

Sound description: Once known as a Moog-driven emo-pop band, the Anniversary have outgrown any stigmas about their sound with the release of "Your Majesty", a psychedelic jam loaded with classic rock riffs and gutter rock swagger. Rumors abound about where the Anniversary is headed next, but judging from the swampy jams at recent live performances, the band is stretching their classic rock wings as far as they'll go.

Influences: Weezer, Blondie, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Cheap Trick, Gram Parsons

Similar to: Weezer, The Get Up Kids, the Rentals


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Designing a Nervous Breakdown 2000 Vagrant
Album cover Anniversary/Superdrag 2001 Vagrant
Album cover Your Majesty 2002 Vagrant
Album cover Devil On Our Side: B-Sides & Rarities 2008 Vagrant


The Anniversary, "Sweet Marie"

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Justin Roelofs on Time and Space, 1 of 6 None July 21, 2004
Justin Roelofs on Time and Space, 2 of 6 None July 21, 2004
Justin Roelofs on Time and Space, 3 of 6 None July 21, 2004
Justin Roelofs on Time and Space, 4 of 6 None July 21, 2004
Justin Roelofs on Time and Space, 5 of 6 None July 21, 2004
Justin Roelofs on Time and Space, 6 of 6 None July 21, 2004


Recognized among the rock heavyweights of Lawrence, the Anniversary began in 1996 when Blue Valley North West High School friends Berwanger, Roelofs and Pope (then Verhoeven) formed under the name "the Broadcast". When the three began college, they joined forces with bassist James David and drummer Christian Jankowski and subsequently changed their name to The Anniversary, inspired by a plate in Adrianne's parents' living room that said "Happy 10th Anniversary." The newly-formed band toured heavily throughout 1998 in the Midwest region with bands such as Superchunk, The Pulsars, The Get up Kids and Braid.

In 1999, they accepted an offer from Matt Pryor of Lawrence-mates The Get Up Kids to record a full-length on the GUK's new Heroes and Villians imprint on the Vagrant label. The band traveled to Chicago to record "Designing a Nervous Breakdown" with producer Dave Trumfio (the Pulsars). The record defined the early Anniversary sound - sentimental boy/girl vocals, dueling guitar lines mixed with kooky Moog organ sounds and catchier-than-hell choruses.

The band supported the album with relentless touring and followed with two more songs recorded at Red House Studios in Eudora, KS, one released on the Vagrant Records sampler "Another Year on the Streets" and the other released in a split 7" with Hot Rod Circuit.

They issued a split EP with Superdrag in fall 2001 and unveiled their second full-length "Your Majesty" in January 2002. The record marked a departure for the band, leaving the Moog organ and bouncy pop behind in favor of a riff-driven classic rock sound. Rolling Stone offered three stars and a few pointed jabs ("And often Josh Berwanger and Justin Roelofs' lyrics sound like some drunken hippie-shaman shit"). The band headlined KU's annual Day on the Hill festival in May 2002. Tour dates with Guided by Voices, Dashboard Confessional and Ben Kweller followed.