The Band That Saved The World

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1996.

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Current Status: Based in Lawrence, KS. Actively touring midwest, south, and north.

Sound description: Funkadelicious

Influences: Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Jimi Hendrix, Steeley Dan

Similar to: Groove Collective, Earth Wind & Fire, Fishbone, Seal, Dave Matthews Band




Name Released Label
No album artwork Struggle To Chill 1999 Self-Released
No album artwork Live In Lawrence 2001 Self-Released
No album artwork Changes 2002 Self-Released


Sporting dueling vocalists and a multitalented lineup of musicians, The Band That Saved the World is one of the few groups to feature such a vast array of stylistic influences as to be impossible to pigeonhole. Opening for headliners as disparate as Lauryn Hill and The Moody Blues, this lively original act was selected to close the 1999 French International Music Festival in Belfort, France. "Love-n-music" won the 2002 Recording Academy Midwest Professional Education Series Demo Review Contest and was the champion in the Contest.