The Belles

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2002.

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Current Status: Living in Lawrence, active, touring.

Sound description: Simple, acoustic based songs with minimal production and ass-shaking drumming.

Influences: Neil Young, Lemonheads

Similar to: Neil Young, Creature Comforts


Alt / Indie rock, Pop


Name Released Label
Album cover Omerta 2002 Lakeshore
Album cover Hear to Here EP 2004 Eat Sleep Records UK
Album cover Idle Acres 2004 Second Nature recordings
No album artwork Misery Loves Industry 2005
Album cover Time Flies When You're Losing Your Mind 2010


The Belles, "Never Said Anything"

Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
How'd The Belles begin? None July 21, 2004
How has Lawrence's music scene changed since you've been here? None July 21, 2004
How long did it take you to pull this album together? None July 21, 2004


The Belles began atop bar stools between cigarettes when Tolle told Cardwell (Reflector, Tijuana Crime Scene, Safety in Numbers) that he had some songs that never clicked within the fuller rock framework of the Creature Comforts. In the months to come, Tolle and Cardwell would get together on Tuesdays if they felt like it to work up a song or two. Once they had four songs worked up, the duo burned several dozen demo CDs for people, one of whom was a friend of Cardwell's in Los Angeles. That particular CD got passed around and, while Creature Comforts were on tour in September, Tolle got word that Lakeshore Records in Hollywood was interested in recording The Belles.

The Belles debut full-length "Omerta" was produced in Lawrence by Peter Buxton and mixed by Ed Rose. Everard and Ashby joined the band for a showcase at the CMJ Music Festival in October 2002.

The Belles filmed a music video for "Never Said Anything" in Lawrence. The Belles will begin touring in spring 2003.