The Brighton Line

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2002.

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Current Status: Playing in the KC/Lawrence area. Seeking label support.

Sound description: Equally blending elements of rock and roll with a more melodic, emotional, but energetic approach.

Influences: Two Player Option, Nuclear Family, The Capsules, Limbeck, The Get Up Kids, Lifetime, No Motiv, Appleseed Cast, AFI, Goldfinger, Hum, Weakerthans, Moneen, Failure, Rainer Maria, Chixdiggit, Year of the Rabbit, Alkaline Trio

Similar to: Lifetime, Limbeck, Jimmy Eat World, "Vagrant Records" bands


Alt / Indie rock, Pop, Punk


Name Released Label
Album cover Even in the Future Nothing Works 2004


The Brighton Line came together when long time friends and band mates Garon, Nick, and Ryan regrouped after losing their prior bands singer in 2002. Enter long time friend Rodney who picked up bass, while Ryan picked up the double duty of vocals and guitar. The band recorded a 4-song demo with Ryon McDermott (The April Switch) spring break 2003. In June 2004, the band entered the elite Black Lodge recording studio with local legend Robert Rebeck (Tech9, Ruskabank, O'Phil) at the controls. The new recording is a 5-song EP entitled "Even in the Future Nothing Works" which will be released August 2004. For the past two years the band has enjoyed opening for top local talents such as Shots Fired, The Storied Northwest, Unknown Stuntman, Vibralux, This Building is Cursed, and Captain Overeact as well as touring acts Your Enemies Friends and Vendetta Red.