The Casket Lottery

Formed in Lee's Summit, MO.

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Current Status: From Nathan Ellis (Jan. 06): I've had a lot of emails asking if this is our "last trip", our "last shows". I learned a long time ago to never finalize anything with this band. I can tell you that after what we have booked we won't be doing anything for quite awhile. Junior will be busy with Appleseed Cast, and I'm having another baby in April.

Sound description: emo / rock / hardcore

Influences: Shudder to Think, Giant's Chair

Similar to: Rocky Votolato, Sharks Keep Moving, Midvale, Surface, Isis, Cycle, Grade Fugazi, Cap'n Jazz, Quicksand, At the Drive-In, Get Up Kids


Alt / Indie rock, Metal / Hardcore


Name Released Label
Album cover Choose Bronze 1999 Second Nature
Album cover Moving Mountains 2000 Second Nature
Album cover Survival is for Cowards 2002 Second Nature
Album cover Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery 2002 Second Nature
Album cover Possiblies and Maybes 2003 Second Nature
Album cover Smoke and Mirrors [EP] 2004 Second Nature


The idea of The Casket Lottery began two years before a practice ever took place. Nathan Ellis and Stacy Hilt discovered a similar interest in music, talking about bands like Shudder To Think, and Giants Chair while they traveled cross country on tour with another band, Coalesce. Soon after, Stacy decided he wasn't interested in doing Coalesce anymore and Nathan was promoted from roadie to bass player. After a good run with that role, things with Coalesce started to slow down and Nathan's four-track recordings back home became his passion, creating songs with an acoustic guitar, a voice, and a melody line not possessed by Coalesce. Enter Nathan Richardson, a drummer from the same home town as Ellis, a musician interested in pushing the envolope with time changes and interesting song structures. After getting some practices in, Stacy was recruited for bass duties and the line up was set.

The Casket Lottery spent the next two and a half years continuously touring and playing shows (with bands such as Small Brown Bike, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Waxwing) and constantly going in and out of the studio, releasing two EP's, countless split 7" and compilation appearances, and two full length albums separated by only a nine month span. With their second full length, Moving Mountains, the band developed their own sound and a solid following. Earlier in 2002, the band's third full length, Survival Is For Cowards, was released, adding some new, more agressive elements, which turn a no-filler band into a band in front of the pack. More intense and bitter, The Casket Lottery re-introduced themselves with their third album.

Showing no signs of letting up any time soon, The Casket Lottery are currently on the road in support of Survival Is For Cowards, have started writing new material, and are quite excited about the release of their upcoming collaborative release with friends Small Brown Bike. The bands plan to tour in support of this release.