The Couch

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2002.

Upcoming shows

No scheduled events.

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Current Status: First gigs, media and websites all are in works for release as well as a single in early 2003. We are playing Abe and Jakes in the pub with Rockwell, Pathos, Mountjoy on Wed. Dec. 4th. We are working on a video with Natures Talent(local videography) for promotion and posible sale. We are all late twenty somethings that have traversed the changing tide that is the Lawrence/KC music scene. We understand that we need to be able to hand them something if not many things. So we are hard at work for the $$$ that it takes to establish ourselves regionally.

Sound description: Our music is like the weather in Kansas, you don't like it, wait five minutes.

Influences: Too many to mention. From Zappa vto Zepplin to Sabbath to Sublime to Soundgarden to Police To Tenacious D to the moon Alice in Chains/Stroke me Strokes ...a ween like mammal... lightly salt, then bake between 400-440 degrees.

Similar to: All of the above if not a few martian bands as well.


Alt / Indie rock, Funk, Pop