The Danny Pound Band

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2000.

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Current Status: Living in Lawrence. Playing locally.

Sound description: Singer /songwriter fleshed out with full band.

Influences: Bob Dylan, the Byrds, Randy Newman, the Roches, Ronnie Lane, John Stewart


Alt / Indie rock, Country / Rockabilly, Folk / Singer-songwriter


Name Released Label
Album cover Surer Days 2005 Remedy Records
Album cover Theirs & Ours 2009


The Danny Pound Band, "Ships A Goin' Down"

Audio interviews

Topic Duration Posted
On major labels None July 21, 2004
The breakup of Vitreous Humor None July 21, 2004


Drummer Dan Benson follows Pound back to 1988 when the two Topeka lads, along with bass player Brad Allen, formed the Vitreous Humor at the ripe old age of 16, Coming to see shows in Lawrence exposed the Beatles-loving youths to a new breed of angular rock bands like Zoom and Panel Donor; precursors to the propulsive Kansas City sound later defined by Giants Chair, Season to Risk and Shiner. A two-week east coast tour with Archers of Loaf and opening slots for Urge Overkill and Everclear followed, and soon the band was attracting major label interest from Elektra and Maverick.

Though they never made it to a major label, the Vitreous Humor did manage to release a small but influential body of work on Crank! Records- two 7-inches, and EP and a posthumous collection - that counts among its admirers Josh Berwanger of the Anniversary. Pound even made enough money to buy a car when Nada Surf purchased the rights to record a version of "Why Are You So Mean to Me." The band also played numerous times in Omaha with friends Panel Donor, whose bass player, Jeremy Sidener, now plays bass for the Danny Pound Band.

External and internal tensions prompted the breakup of Vitreous Humor in 1996, but the three founding members quickly reformed as the Regrets, a stripped-down, more rhythmic and clean version of Vitreous Humor. The Regrets issued one full-length album - 1997's "New Directions: Results Beat Boats" - and, in an ironic twist of fate, reformed as Vitreous Humor to play a few concerts in support of an odds and ends collection released by Crank! titled "Posthumous."

The Regrets ended while the band was on the road, and Pound spent the next few years tinkering with his four-track and staging live sound experiments with friend Billy Lamboley. Pound's newfound interest in folk music, including the American Anthology of Folk Music and singer/songwriters from the early '70s such as Gene Clark (the Byrds) and John Stewart (Kingston Trio), led to to a more clear and simple form of songwriting. Pound enlisted friend David Swenson for help on piano and guitars and the DP band played their first official show with Bonnie Prince Billy at The Bottleneck in 2000.

Since then, the DP band has performed at intimate settings in Lawrence such as the Replay Lounge, the Tap Room and Shalor's in the Eldridge Hotel. The band is currently circulating demos of new songs.