The Esoteric

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1996.

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Sound description: Featuring members of Coalesce and Reggie and the Full Effect, The Esoteric create manic, emotive music born from explosive technical ability and an uncanny knack for songcraft, taking the listener on a Dantean journey with each listen.

Similar to: Coalesce, Botch, Origin, Meshuggah, Cave-In, Dillinger Escape Plan, Theta


Metal / Hardcore


Name Released Label
Album cover Self-titled EP 1998
Album cover An Illusion of Sacred Circumstances 1999 Arm Records
Album cover Derailer Split 1999 Arm Records
Album cover Plagued By Visions EP 2001 Arm Recoreds
Album cover Live at CBGBs 2001 Crash and Bang
Album cover A Reason To Breathe 2002
Album cover The Roads Between 2002 Crash and Bang
Album cover Wormwood Split 2003 Interference Records
Album cover 1336 2004
Album cover With the Sureness of Sleepwalking 2005 Prosthetic Records
Album cover Subverter 2006 Prosthetic Records


"Your New Burden," The Esoteric


From the band: Few dare to test the boundaries, to step outside the accepted norm and take their own road like Lawrence, Kansas-based heavy music innovators The Esoteric. The Esoteric are musicians first and foremost; with members having performed in bands ranging from hardcore pioneers Coalesce, to super-pop all-stars Reggie and the Full Effect, indie-rockers Theta and even noisecore stalwarts TODAY IS THE DAY.

Forming in 1996, The Esoteric are a shining example of the determination, hard work ethic and do-it-yourself values so characteristic of their Midwestern roots, using those traits to turn tragedy into opportunity and setbacks into starting blocks.

In February of 2005, The Esoteric's home burned to the ground, leaving the band with nothing on the very morning the master CD of their debut album for Prosthetic Records, "With the Sureness of Sleepwalking," arrived in the mail. Fitting almost, as the band embarked on what would be a non-stop whirlwind touring schedule in support of "Sleepwalking" just a week later with friends NODES OF RANVIER, followed by tours with THE ACACIA STRAIN, SINCE THE FLOOD, LOVEHATEHERO and SECRET LIVES.

April 2005 then saw the US release of "Sleepwalking" and the acclaimed "Ram-Faced Boy" music video. Directed by Matt Bass (Linkin Park, Anton Corbijn, Rasputina) for Factory Features, the video garnered immediate attention at both MTV2 and FUSE, setting the stage for an appearance at the NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FESTIVAL, a summer tour with labelmates HIMSA as well as a leg on Vans' WARPED TOUR 2005.

The band continued to stay on the road through the fall and into winter with such diverse acts as EVERY TIME I DIE, HIGH ON FIRE, THE RED CHORD, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, BOYSETSFIRE, BIOLOGY and BEAR VS SHARK before taking a small break to shoot their second video. 2006 brings the release of the band's second single and video (for "Your New Burden") directed again by Matt Bass and the Factory Features crew as well as a massive 50 date US coheadlining tour with SCARLET, CALICO SYSTEM and FIGHT PARIS.

With a genre-defying stab at modern conventions, The Esoteric provide a feral glimpse into the future of music and bring the attack on the modern state of rock music with their unique grasp of songcraft and a live performance that MUST be seen.

The Esoteric command attention...take action, before action takes you!