The Golden Republic

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 1999.

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Past shows


Current Status: Living in Kansas City and touring. Seeking record deal.

Sound description: "Everything you like about your favorite bands"

Influences: T-Rex, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Beatles

Similar to: Nada Surf, Superdrag


Alt / Indie rock, Pop


Name Released Label
Album cover The Premise Is Sound 2000
Album cover Japan 2001
Album cover Demo 2002
Album cover People EP 2004 Astralwerks
Album cover Golden Republic 2005 Astralwerks


The Golden Republic originally formed in 1999 as a five-piece glam-rock band called the People. They released one album, "The Premise is Sound", with that lineup and played regularly around the Kansas City area. The following years brought numerous lineup changes (the band estimates 11 People have played in the band at one time or another) but the band finally settled on its current lineup in Oct. 2001. Manager Ben Weber agreed to take on The People and helped secure them a showcase in NYC for numerous label types.

In 2004, the band signed with Astralwerks and changed their name to The Golden Republic.