The Pomonas

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2004.

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Sound description: Something that would make an awesome Cingular ring tone.

Influences: Compulsive hand washing, Hawaii, Daryl Strawberry, Bryson Ripley, Buzzard's Pizza


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Jubilation EP 2005
Album cover When You're Electric 2006
Album cover Good Cop Good Cop 2007


One evening while drinking a prodigious number of pink squirrels with Sgt. Rollie P. Merriweather, U.S. Marine Corps, singer/songwriter Justin Ripley divulged his plans to assemble a pop group comprising a bearded American basketball coach, a grossly unpunctual recent college gradutate, a metaphysical hillbilly, an obituary writer and himself. "That," Merriweather replied, "sounds like it ought to go over like a small rural community that recently received a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation to resurface its Main Street. Guffaw!" Realizing that the American vernacular already recognized Small Rural Community That Recently Received A Grant as an early 90s club/techno outfit, Ripley decided on the spot to christen his outfit the Pomonas, and the state mistakenly gave them $460,000.