The Strangers

Formed in Topeka, KS in 2001.

Past shows


Current Status: Active since 2001 in Topeka, KS

Sound description: audible

Influences: elephant 6 bands, captain beefhart, the frogs, radiohead

Similar to: weezer, elephant 6, any other band you don't know about


Alt / Indie rock


Name Released Label
Album cover Spring Break 2002 Self-Released


The strangers formed in the summer of 2001. They started out with Bret Palmer, Jeff Milberger, and Nolan Miller. Bret played guitar and bass, Jeff played guitar, bass and piano, and Nolan played the drums. The band was based in Topeka, Kansas. All three members were Juniors in High School. Bret and Jeff attended Washburn Rural, and Nolan went to Seamen. While all three were busy with school and work, it was often hard to find time to practice and record, but it did get done. In November of 2001, the Strangers started to lay down the tracks to their first demo. Recorded in Bret's house on his home studio, with additional recording in Jeff's house at his studio, recording continued into January of 2002. In late January, the Strangers added a fourth member, bassist Ryan Holm, another Junior from Washburn Rural. With this addition, the band reviewed the demo they had previously recorded and found it to be not up to their standards. So over Spring Break of 2002, the band hit the studio again to record their first album coincidentely titled, "Spring Break." After a handful of show in the spring, and a few more in the fall, the Strangers are preparing to record a new album this December.