Formed in Lawrence, KS.

Past shows


Sound description: Theta is extremely heavy melody driven progressivish rock with a keyboardist who generates sound textures and accompaniment melodies to round out an extremely thick rock sound. Vocals are heavily influenced by Jeff Buckley, but with a very unique edge. Very experimental song structures are offset by catchy melodies that intertwine often in odd time signatures.

Influences: Failure, Shiner, Tool

Similar to: Failure, Shiner, Tool


Alt / Indie rock, Electronic / DJ


Named after the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet -- not a fraternity -- this Lawrence sextet has a real knack for inserting keyboard textures and crunchy guitars into songs rife with odd time signatures and experimental arrangements. The various members are also active in other area bands such as Pathos, The Esoteric, Coalesce and A Storied Northwest.