Tri Point Paradox

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 2002.

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Influences: Pearl Jam, Phish, Santana


Jam, Rock, Soul / R&B


Name Released Label
Album cover Support 2002
Album cover As You Are To Me 2004
Album cover Pictures Of The Journey Home 2006 Red Leaf Records


Tri Point Paradox is an evolving collection of styles, genres and artists, all centered around 6 core members. Their mix of rock; melodic reggae; blues licks; insightful lyrics; symphonic arrangements; and overall profundity defy easy analysis. In a day and age when music is more about consumerism and psychology, Tri Point Paradox strives to create a sound which combines great songs with stellar musicianship.

While the band is comprised of six musicians, each bringing their own unique flavor to the Tri Point sound, TPP has been known to play with a varied collection of guests that add their own distinct flavor to the live concert experience.

Mike Shull, Ted Myers! , and Patrick King represent the rhythm section, playing acoustic guitar, percussion, and bass guitar respectively. Delving into realms of R & B, rock and traditional ethnic music, this trio is enhanced by the jazzy chordal arrangements of the Professor on the keys. Jamil Mahmood on electric guitar and Timothy Wong on the violin round out the band's sound with searing leads and soaring solos.

TPP has been playing in Lawrence and Kansas City since 2002.