Tripp Algiers

Formed in Kansas City, MO in 2006.

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Influences: rolling stones. david bowie. velvet underground. beach boys. kinks. pink floyd. led zepplin. miles davis. charles mingus. charlie christian. brian jonestown massacre. pixies. rage against the machine. radiohead. wilco. broken social scene. albert camus. ernest hemingway. charles bukowski. c.s. lewis. aldous huxley. george orwell. monet. van gogh. davinci. lautrec. duchamp. pollock. ray johnson. philosophy. earth. transcendence. clouds. fire. flowers. beauty. baby. love. hate. death. heat. cold. up. down. kansas city.




In 2006, Tripp Algiers was formed. Any other rumors are unfounded and will be denied. The Kansas City alternative rock band respect their influential elders, but deny their own musical family. Ben is known for his spastic behavior, Willis is known by all those math wizards, Matthew is known for keeping his cool, and Drew was around when t-shirts were invented (he exhumes cool). Together, these four gentlemen created an album called Old City Crows, which has already received critical acclaim. They can play all of their own songs, and love to entertain.