Truth Cell

Formed in Lawrence, KS in 1997.

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Current Status: You better get your gun. Truth Cell has returned and there is no safe haven. Lead, follow, or get the hell out the way. Sit on the fence and the sonic violence of these five musicians will knock you on your ass, something like being hit across the forehead with a 2x4. Last year's 3-song EP raised the bar considerably, stunning area fans and musicians alike with the band's heaviest material to date. Well, you ain't heard nothin' yet! A revamped lineup sees the entry of new drummer Jay Tovar-Ballagh and guitarist Jordan Tucker, together raising the band's already killer chops up another notch. With the departure of vocalist Mark Renfro, James Savage now holds down the sole vocal spot, his anguished screams and brutal growls causing terror alert colors to change with every burst of vitriol. The assassins have completed three new molten blasts of metal: "9mm Lie Detector," "Vos in Tergo Animos Vestos Possum Videre," and "If Revenge were a Prize." The three tracks feature Truth Cell's patented thick guitar tones, stop-on-a-dime tempo changes, and battering ram grooves, resulting in the musical equivalent of an exploding nail bomb in the face. Shane Murray and Jordan Tucker's ten-ton riff chunks, a panzer division rhythm section powered by Sean Barger and Jay Tovar-Ballagh, and James Savage's devastating battle cries leave a path of scorched earth. As city after city falls in ruin, one question remains: Are you prepared for Armageddon?


Metal / Hardcore


Name Released Label
No album artwork Elemilitance 1998
No album artwork Hurajan (Sacrifice the King) 2002 213 Records


The extra-heavy Lawrence act aptly describes its music as "brutality with mind." Unifying hack-saw guitars with a political agenda, Truth Cell is the conversational equivalent of a slap across the face. The six-piece has been spreading its word through national features in magazines such as Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge.