Yossarian's Lament

Formed in Kansas City, MO.

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Sound description: Three humans who play electric jam and original/traditional folk, blues and bluegrass music.


Bluegrass / Roots, Folk / Singer-songwriter, Jam


Joe Roberts is the quasi-defacto leader and founder of YL. Joe grew up in TX and New York. He learned how to play in church from his mother and father. Joe trained as a painter at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, then joined the US Marine Corps where he was a recon scout from '82-'92.

Alexis Barclay hails from England and brings a sexy accent and "that funky British sense of humor". Alexis brings influences from across the big pond like Donovan, The Kinks, and Monty Python. He's from Scarborough and his Mother's from London. His father's from Newcastle and his Great Uncle fought in the trenches in the Battle of the Somme in WWI.

Visit our website to listen to our live material. We are currently recording with Darkhorse productions in KC. In the meantime, we record soundboard bootlegs.