Dead Girls Ruin Everything wins!

Thanks to all the bands and to everyone who came out and made the second annual Derby a huge success! And thanks to our sponsors whose donations make the Derby possible. The judges' ballots are available here, (PDF). Following are the bands' scores in the order that they performed (which was determined by a drawing 15 minutes before the show).
Band = Score average (Judges' scores: Aaron Marable [Love Garden], Steve Wilson [Kiefs], Tim vonHolten [Turnpike], Trucker [2006 champs], Ryan Pope [Blacklodge], Joe Comparato [Daybreak Studios])
Sterilize Stereo = 61.2 (58, 56, 56, 80, 56, 41, 71)
The Old Black = 71.5 (66, 67, 83, 72, 69.5, 77, 62)
Kaw Valley Project = 61.9 (56, 64, 63, 80, 46.5, 20, 73)
Dead Girls Ruin Everything = 90 (98, 81, 96, 85, 90, 94, 86)
Left on Northwood = 78.7 (76, 78, 82, 86, 71.5, 64, 79)

Stay tuned for photos from the finals and video of the evening via The Turnpike!

7:30 p.m., May 4 @ The Granada


Kaw Valley Project
The Old Black
Dead Girls Ruin Everything
Sterilize Stereo
Left on Northwood (wildcard*)

(to be recorded and aired on The Turnpike)

Listen to our podcast preview of the finals
featuring interviews with each of the bands and samples of their music.

Previous rounds...

Round 1
April 3 @ Fatso's

Basin (64.3)
Stray Cat In The Garden (56.3)
Michael Garfield (48)
Kaw Valley Project (74-winner)
[view judges' scorecards]

Round 2
April 10 @ The Replay Lounge

The Legendary Terrordactyls (64.3)
The Old Black (87.7-winner)
Los Craptaculares (78)
The Havok On Polaris (84.7)
[view judges' scorecards]

Round 3
April 17 @ The Bottleneck

Lonnie Fisher (53.3)
Left On Northwood (73.7)
The F Holes (76.7)
Dead Girls Ruin Everything (79.3-winner)
[view judges' scorecards]

Round 4
April 24 @ The Jackpot

Emperor Stan (75)
Ten Hour Drive (77)
Sterilize Stereo (86.67-winner)
Log Lady (85)
[view judges' scorecards]

The Deadwood Derby was created in 2006 to be an annual showcase of Lawrence bands, with the goal of bringing together the wide variety music in this town and putting it all in front of other bands' fans. And thanks to donations by our sponsors, we're able send some bands home with pretty kickass prizes.

The 16 bands were selected in an online vote during the first three weeks in March.
At Rounds 1 through 4, a panel of three judges from around town-promoters, venue owners, musicians, etc.-scored the bands on musicality and crowd response (see rules). The winners from each round plus a wild card* advance to the finals. A panel of five judges-including representatives from last year's winner and this year's sponsors-will determine who goes home with the prizes.

*note: The wild card band is selected by a panel of judges (from, Hunt Industries and A&E Legal Services) who were at all four rounds, not by the judges' scores from individual rounds. The main factor in this year's wild card selection ended up being crowd response and participation. While several other bands also had very strong musical performances-it was virtually a dead heat between Havok on Polaris, The F Holes, Ten Hour Drive, Log Lady, and Left on Northwood-the band chosen clearly had the strongest crowd support of all four rounds.

Prize packages include

  • ¢ Two Day Demo Package at Daybreak Recording Co. (Approx. $1200 value, includes 50 CDs. Details subject to negotiation with studio)
  • ¢ $1000-worth of studio time at Black Lodge Studios (must be used within 6 months of Derby win)
  • ¢ Music video production by Through A Glass Productions (Up to $950-worth of shooting/editing fees to be used for concert video, music video or epk promo videos)
  • ¢ A full-rights-use professional promo photo, which will also be printed as a full color, double-page spread poster in Deadwood edition
  • ¢ Graphic design development by Red Hand Media (Creator of our Derby logo; prize includes T-shirts, posters, website, etc.-5 hours total)
  • ¢ 50 2-color one-sided screenprinted shirts by Blue Collar Press
  • ¢ 200 pins of any kind by Blue Collar Press
  • ¢ 24 screenprinted T-shirts by Big Deal Merch
  • ¢ 90-minute legal consultation and copyright registration by A&E Legal Services for the Derby champion
  • ¢ 30-minute legal consultation and copyright registration by A&E Legal Services for the other Final round finalists
  • ¢ Gift certificates from Kief's Downtown Music
  • ¢ Gift certificates from Mass Beverage
  • ¢ The 5 Final round finalists will appear on The Turnpike
  • ¢ All 16 finalists will have a live track recorded and produced courtesy of Daybreak Recording. A compilation will be promoted as a free download on

See last year's results

The Deadwood Derby is brought to you by