Deadwood Edition Issue #246

May 12, 2009

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Lawrence's Original Weirdo

Hugh Cameron: Tree Hermit, Philosopher, and Civil War Veteran

Long before William S. Burroughs, and way before the That’s My Dillions guy, or the Mumbler, or Dennis, or any of town’s other widely recognized characters—Lawrence had a character who will top them all forever in the annals of eccentric lore: Gen. Hugh Cameron.

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Style Scout: Robert Knapp

Apocalypse cowboy.

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Style Scout: Krista Suter

If I can make laziness look this good, so can you.

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Just Around Midnight

Midnight Vinyl releases EP on the cusp on graduation day

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The Wrath of Con

Free State Freecon returns with a vengeance (and comics)

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Save & Splurge: Gavon Laessig

Thanks, chumps!

Michael Pollan is coming!

Food activist and best-selling author comes to K.C.

Adios Larry!

After 246 issues, we're back to our online-only selves...