Deadwood Edition Issue #5

August 19, 2003

'Swimming Pool' treads water

A movie that relies on a trick ending better have two things going for it: 1. The story is so compelling that even if the trick doesn't work, the picture is still enjoyable. 2. The ending is so clever that it makes any prior weaknesses easy to forgive.

Review :: Appleseed Cast, "Two Conversations"

Appleseed Cast streamlines sound on latest disc

How does a band follow up an album that makes them "America's closest answer to Radiohead?" Though that particular review in All-Music Guide may have been prone to hyperbole, Lawrence's The Appleseed Cast did face a daunting task following up 2001's sprawling "Low Level Owl Vol. 1 and 2." That double-disc set caught critics' and listeners' ears with ambitious soundscapes, cascading guitars and hypnotic tape loops. Love it or hate it, the records were a stunning, cohesive statement from an emo band coming into its own.

Review: Madden 2004 - PS2, Gamecube, Xbox

Fool the AI and set popcorn prices in the best Madden ever

Fool the AI and set popcorn prices in the best Madden ever

Review :: Vertigo, "Vertigo"

Local pop-rockers Anything But Joey break into commercial radio with debut CD

Unsigned local bands NEVER make it into the exclusive playlists of commercial radio. It just doesn't happen. Unless you're Anything But Joey.



Raising my own Alex P. Keaton

Maybe 4 year olds can understand politics

Washburn Student seeks 57th seat of State House

A college student from Washburn University is running for the 57th district seat in the state House Of Representatives. He is a 27-year-old business student. He came to Washburn when his wife was denied in-state tuition at KU. His name is Sean Gatewood.