Deadwood Edition Issue #36

April 20, 2004

No Status Quo :: Artist Eric Drooker brings his righteous noise to Lawrence

Artist Eric Drooker's passionate renderings have been seen everywhere from the covers of The New Yorker and The Village Voice to the brick walls and lampposts of South America; from the New York Times Op Ed page to finer comic book stores. He's collaborated with Allen Ginsberg and Rage Against the Machine. And whether it's with a harmonica, a booming bass drum, or graphic depictions of class struggle, he's getting a message to the people: discontentment, tempered with optimism. spoke with Eric about creativity, responsibility, and his upcoming week in Lawrence.

Home base :: Nationally renown baseball expert Bill James is right at home in Lawrence

The baseball world looks to guru Bill James for answers. That means looking to Lawrence, Kansas. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

Suzan-Lori Parks digs up a winner in "Getting Mother's Body"

On record :: KJHK new music reviews

Farmer's Ball :: KJHK's annual battle of the bands promises healthy harvest

Few Battle of the Bands field as diverse and talented a crop of talent as the annual Farmer's Ball, the three-day show put on by KJHK 90.7FM.

'Kill Bill' finale sacrifices action for suspense

The night after screening "Kill Bill Vol. 2," I happened upon a 1970s film called "Switchblade Sisters" on cable. It was a low-budget gang tale about female juveniles that featured a malicious blonde who sported an eye patch decorated with a butterfly.

Review: Far Cry - PC

It just might make you cry. that a good or bad thing?

It is truly one of those shooters that has that inexplicable magic that you have no choice but to play.

Review: All-Star Baseball 2005 - PS2, Xbox

Can Acclaim's entry play hardball with the big boys?

Can Acclaim's entry play hardball with the big boys?

Review: Resident Evil Outbreak - PS2

Is the online element enough to keep half-archaic gameplay fun?

Is the online element enough to keep half-archaic gameplay fun?

Review :: Drakkar Sauna, "rover"

If you went to Winfield's Walnut Valley Festival last October, you may have stumbled across three straw-hatted gentleman caterwauling with a harmophone, upright bass and guitar. Those men Jeff Stolz, Wallace Cochran and Chris Kuhlman compose Drakkar Sauna, one of Lawrence's most outlandish new bands.

Saving the World, One Dollar at a Time

In the words of Superchic[k], "they said don't try to change the world, you're just a girl."

A Kansas Summer

Everyone needs to know how it feels to catch a cow.