Deadwood Edition Issue #46

August 31, 2004

In it for the money: When Lawrence's finest aren't rocking your ass off, they're slumming it for chump change

For every great and famous musician who's ever won a Grammy, had a hit single or packed stadiums with lighter-toting superfans, there's no doubt a lowly day-job story to be told. As legend has it, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne wrote much of the band's early material while slinging hush puppies at a Long John Silvers; Johnny Cash spent three years going door-to-door selling appliances before walking into Sun Studios; Alex Van Halen nearly lost his finger working as a machine operator -- the list is long and frequently hilarious. For Lawrence's elite crop of working-class guitar slingers, day jobs aren't a footnote in some VH1 documentary but rather a way of life.

Q&A with King Buzzo of The Melvins

The new Melvins record is a collaboration with a guy named Lustmord called "Pigs of the Roman Empire." The cover is on the back. And that's just the beginning of the sass. King Buzzo (above, center) has been defying convention with his band Melvins for 20 years. They've weathered major label contracts, tours with White Zombie, and "Dookie," and have emerged as smooth and freakish as a two-headed snake. How, you may ask. Dunno. spoke with the miraculously locked monarch about literally thousands of topics, all of which can be found at, but some right here.

On record :: KJHK new music reviews

Oversized snakes devour cast of amusing sequel

Some people view a B movie with a certain air of contempt.

Review: Viewtiful Joe - PS2

Our 2003 Game of the Year finally hits the PS2 console...and man, does it still rock.

It snagged many "Game of the Year" titles, including ours, and it surely deserved it. Now that the dust has settled, Capcom is going to get the most money out of the project and bring it to the PS2. Does the port play just as well?

Review: Hamtaro: Ham Ham Games - Game Boy Advance

I know what you're thinking. But think again. This game isn't half bad.

I know what you're thinking. But think again. This game isn't half bad.