Deadwood Edition Issue #60

December 14, 2004 'FEAR' memorial ribbon

Let people know how scared you are with the new 'FEAR' memorial ribbon.

Kids say the darndest things

The Get Up Kids prepare for show to record live DVD checked in with Matt Pryor to see how his sanity was holding up (not so well) and also to see how his musical endeavors were coming along (well). The Get Up Kids will soon be practicing for a hometown show (Jan. 7 at the Granada), which will be recorded for a live album (possibly a DVD) to be released sometime next year.

Holiday hit-maker Slick Rhodes to present "Christmas for Lovers"

Once a year, about that time, Slick Rhodes stumbles into Lawrence to present his "Holiday Parade of Hits." Though the enigmatic singer/songwriter's personal life is largely shrouded in mystery, we caught up with his "tour manager" before a stop in Branson, Missouri. Here's the story of Slick Rhodes as told by his "tour manager," who most definitely "isn't" actually Slick Rhodes, who most definitely "isn't" actually the guy who wrote the number one record on's Best-of-2004 list, and whose initials most definitely "aren't" the same as "Ass Dumpling."

The week that was

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week...

Bad-ish Santa

Cannabis Claus Chris Hartman doubles as pro-hemp humorist and Santa's helper

On this mild Thursday afternoon, Santa had planned on going downtown to pass out candy canes and business cards. But now he is tired, thanks in part to a hereditary heart condition, which also prevents him from holding a steady job. As he saunters back into his duplex, he passes his sleigh: a beat-up grey pickup truck stickered with slogans like "It's the duty of every patriot to protect his country from his government."

'Ocean's Twelve' doesn't always measure up

The comedy/heist caper "Ocean's Twelve" comes across like the European remake of "Ocean's Eleven." Set across the pond, the film is slower, artsier and has fancier cinematography. Yet, ultimately, it's more incoherent and less satisfying.

Brownback rallies South Dakotans for abortion ban

The Kansas senator also says a judge's answers are unsatisfactory.

Brownback: North Korea regime 'depraved'

The Kansas senator decries human rights abuses.

Brownback seeks porn crackdown

Plus, more about the Foley scandal