Deadwood Edition Issue #57

November 16, 2004

The week that was

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week

Your cheat sheet for those damn weekly events quizzes.

A Rivera runs through it

Dave Loewenstein's 'outsider' art

Art world gadabouts accuse him of letting the commoners dilute his vision, but muralist Dave Loewenstein prefers the peanut gallery to theorists any day.

College freshman's shirt explained in 'Motorcycle Diaries'

Before the advent of tourism as industry, traveling was more than ready-made resorts, staged photos and crutch Lonely Planet guides. "The Motorcycle Diaries" explores the age-old soul of travel -- travel as means to find yourself.

A new coat of wax

Durable DJ battle rekindles old flames in effort to light a fire under local hip-hop scene

'It takes all kinds.' That's the motto that KJHK's Wax Clash has lived and died by for the last four years. Dozens of disc jockeys - established or aspiring - have scratched, mixed, beat-juggled and party-rocked their way to immortality ... or ignominy. For every DJ who emerged as a champion - DJ Sku, DJ Aether, DJ Boner Donor, DJ Syren - there's plenty more who walked away embarrassed, distraught and emotionally de-pantsed.

Review: Halo 2 - Xbox

Is it the revolution you always wanted?

Let me preface the review by saying that Halo 2 is a great game, especially compared to any other console first-person shooter. But the single player campaign has some baffling flaws that keep it from the level of fun and polish that Halo 1 provided. (This is especially interesting considering Halo 1 was more of a rush job.)