Deadwood Edition Issue #48

September 14, 2004

Shock treatment :: "Thrill Time a Go-Go" stimulates the bar crowd with stripped-down burlesque

Burlesque gives guys boners. That's the common perception at least. Even under the auspice of vaudeville entertainment or feminist propaganda, burlesque at its most artsy and enlightened can still create blue balls the likes of which strip clubs can only dream. Rita Brinkerhoff is perfectly aware of that fact. "Vintage burlesque was about turning on dudes," she said.

Bad director's debut turns out to be bad movie that ends badly

In 1971, Francis Ford Coppola's newly minted American Zoetrope company released "THX 1138," the first feature film by a young writer/director named George Lucas. It disappeared from theaters quickly with little fanfare, receiving a disappointing and chilly reception from both audiences and critics.

On record :: KJHK new music reviews

Review :: Datload 3

It's hard to be critical of something you get for nothing. Datload 3 -- the third compilation of local and national hip-hop artists from Lawrence's Datura Records -- is free. Not 99 cents. Not a shave and a handshake. Not a glass of goat's milk or a raven's eye or some muggle juice. Free, dogg.

Single lens reflux

Watch the birdie : and show Nick Erker your ass

If you're one of those troublemakers who thinks that sorority and fraternity life involves nothing more than getting intoxicated enough to be counted as legally dead and abusing people who work for a living, stop reading now. If you think the Greek system is ridden with emotionally stunted children looking for other emotionally stunted children with whom to have emotionally stunted sex, then this story is not for you. There's nothing here that will change your mind.

'Resident Evil' unleashes shoddy 'Apocalypse'

If the recent remake of "Dawn of the Dead" proved how to expertly craft a zombie-horror-action flick, then "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" demonstrates the reverse.

Review: ESPN NHL 2K5 - PS2, Xbox

The best just keeps getting better.

The best just keeps getting better.

Review: SoundsGood, "Money/Pacin"

If you haven't yet figured out why so many locals seem hell-bent on convincing you that there IS a hip-hop scene in Lawrence and it KICKS ASS, you may want to give a listen to SoundsGood's new maxi-single for "Money."

Review: Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection - PS2

Two of the most revered fighting games under one roof.

Two of the most revered fighting games under one roof.

Review: NASCAR Chase for the Cup 2005 - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube

This year, you can take your grudges to the streets.

This year, you can take your grudges to the streets.