Deadwood Edition Issue #49

September 21, 2004

The hole truth

Archaeologist/Soldier of Fortune Jessica Craig cracks the whip on danger

After years of coursework, research, and digging in severe heat with pick, trowel and soft-bristle brush; after earning an undergraduate degree and a Master's degree, and beginning a Ph.D (whatever that is) that will include defending three field statements and another thesis; after being separated from her fiancee for months at a time and learning the difference between a shard of glass and a sherd of pottery (the difference is one letter), Jessica Craig still steps willingly into a world of calamity. A world of peril. A world of villainous guides, Nazis, and traitorous monkeys. Jessica Craig is an archaeologist. For real.

Review: Split Lip Rayfield, "Should Have Seen It Coming"

After seeing Split Lip Rayfield live, it's hard to imagine that a CD could be anything BUT a disappointment. The Kansas pickin' foursome is revered for its bring-down-the-house performances at Walnut Valley Festival and local clubs from Lawrence to KC to Wichita. With the most basic of weapons - guitar, mandolin, banjo and a one-string gas-tank bass known as the "stitchgiver" - Split Lip creates more pure rock and roll volume than most bands who claim as much.

The Golden Republic, "People" EP

Kansas City's The Golden Republic (formerly The People) hit the jackpot last year when the band signed with Astralwerks, a well-financed and also well-respected label out of NYC that's also home to Badly Drawn Boy, The Chemical Brothers and Air among others.

Review: Apollo 13, "Brave New World"

Part spy-movie soundtrack, part Lenny Kravitz-style glam rock and part John Mayer croon pop, Lawrence's Apollo 13 is the rare band that pulls off radio-friendly, melodic pop with enough talent and originality to not induce groans. Composed of former Band That Saved the World members Shannon Savoie, Mike MacFarland and Will Dinkel and Yards drummer Danny Rojas, Apollo 13's ace-in-the-hole is local Wax Clash champion DJ Proof, who fills out the band's sound with digital sampling and scratching

Review: Carrier, s/t

Shoegazer rock is alive and well in the hands of Carrier, the latest project from 34 Satellite frontman Marc Benning.

Review: Burnout 3: Takedown - PS2, Xbox


Burnout 3: Takedown is spectacular. At its core, it's the single best arcade racer you will ever play. There is no room for argument. There are so many standards set by it that the only arcade racer that I can predict that could beat it is Burnout 4, if we ever get so lucky.

'Sky Captain' prevails with bold experiment

Don't let "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" fool you. Despite a $70 million budget and cast of A-listers, it really falls into the category of an experimental film. Conceptually, it's the kind of project more likely to be shown at indie festivals and film school classes than at the local multiplex.

Big Sequels of 2004

We know they will sell a bazillion copies, but are they too hyped?

We know they will sell a bazillion copies, but are they too hyped?

Exhibit unleashes Godzilla's influence

50 years ago, irradiated lizard started Japanese pop-culture chain reaction that hasn't slowed since

Bill Tsutsui remembers the 1970s Saturday afternoon he saw "Godzilla" on his family's Zenith television. He lay on his stomach and watched in wonderment as a creature double feature introduced him to the abominable green monster that's fascinated him ever since.

Communications on the cheap

Find out ways to talk long-distance, short-distance, any-distance ... affordably or even for free.