Deadwood Edition Issue #67

February 22, 2005

'Yeti!' suits up for debut

Locally produced film promises swordplay and awesome costumes

Director W. Dave Keith recalls the quandary of setting his movie in the Himalayas despite having no real budget. "Snow kind of looks the same in every continent," he says. "So we shot it in Kansas."

The week that was

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week...

'Mod' squad

"Modders" skirt hardware copyright protections, turning game consoles into piracy hubs and more...

Beware of the Wraptor. He'll take your paltry Xbox and "mod" it into a juiced-up megabeast. What once existed solely as a conduit for store-bought cartridges will become a port for pirating and storing all your fetishes - video games, music, movies, porn, whatever. If you're really tech savvy, the Wraptor might even help you turn your Xbox into a personal computer.

Cast pulls 'Constantine' from oblivion

There are a number of theories about what has the most impact on a movie. Is it the script, the director, the budget, the effects? I always had leaned toward the screenplay, until this year when a pair of similar movies changed my mind: the biopics "Ray" and "Beyond the Sea." Both were written like a TV movie of the week and prone to thematic missteps.

Tease photo

Review: The Punisher - PS2, Xbox, PC

Fun in the old-school Mortal Kombat kinda way.

Marvel Comics games have seen a variety of treatments over the years. You never know how good or bad one will be. Luckily for the Punisher series, Volition does an admirable job bringing the nature of the book to an otherwise rudimentary shooter.

After the speech

More on abortion, Social Security and the 2008 presidential race.