Deadwood Edition Issue #81

July 12, 2005

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Review :: The Afterparty, "Forever After"

They rarely play shows, they occasionally write songs and they don't give a damn if they ever "make it."

Freedom is ... a Slip 'N' Slide

'You run, you dive, you hit the bump and take a dive'

Leaving the nest and embarking on a parent-free life means freedom. A whole new world of possibilities opens up - getting smashed every night, sleeping with your boyfriend, getting a lower back tattoo or nose piercing... For Kathy Piller freedom is a Slip 'n' Slide.

Pooled together

Community coalesces around aquatic center

Abra Bron has the whole working thing figured out. Though boredom can set in while doing research work up on campus, the 22-year-old KU grad knows how to revive herself. "I take rejuvenating pool breaks," says Bron.

Go ride a kite

Like, another XTREME sport that will totally <em>own</em> you

Kansans can now hang ten without driving to the coasts and without the 6-foot swells typical of usual surf destinations. With the new EXTREME sport kiteboarding, all you need is a little wind and a body of water - perfect for Kansas.

All up in your grill

Backyard barbecue junkies offer guidance for real deal cookouts

Jessica Miescher is typically not a big drinker. At 27, she hasn't been to a keg party in years. But there's something about the open summer air and the sweet scent of marinated cow flesh that brings out her inner lush. "At barbecues I typically tend to make out with people," says the bubbly 27-year-old sailing enthusiast. "It's more on the cheeks," she clarifies. "I become like your annoying aunt, not like the slutty girl next store."

Brew Ha Ha

American Beer Month offers occasion to reflect on beer's joyous role in our lives

July is American Beer Month - a time for celebrating our country's ambrosial ales and for shining a stiff upper lip towards the imported intoxicators. It may be a fabricated holiday in the tradition of "Bosses Day," "National Chocolate Day" and "Christmas" - but it's a much better cause to pull an Oatmeal Stout beer-bong.

The week that was

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week...

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Review :: Brunette, "Color" EP

Brunette is a five-piece rock outfit from Kansas City, Mo. that at times recalls the delicious guitar phrasings of The Oranges Band, the emotive insinuations of Sparta and the bouncy pop of The Cardigans.

Campy approach dooms 'Fantastic Four'

Its plot is stretched thin. Its creativity is nearly invisible. Its logic is rocky. And the whole enterprise goes up in flames. Welcome to "The Fantastic Four," Marvel's latest and least impressive entry into its recent superhero adaptations. After delivering dandy versions of "Spider-Man" and "X-Men," the comic book kingpin takes a giant step backward with this big-screen bomb. It's worse than "Hulk" ... even worse than "Elektra."

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Lawrence artist Kristen Ferrell's study of duality and paradox

Kristen Ferrell's art is a clash of oppositions. The Lawrence artist's pieces consist of innocent, almost cute images - but with ironic, often grotesque contortions that could only speak to the most cynical viewers. In short, Ferrell's art evokes her generation's coming of age.

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Review: Battlefield 2 - PC

Battlefield 2 truly takes the series to the next level

I lost my vision past 10 feet in front of me because of the dust and smoke from the artillery firing. As the smoke cleared I found my entire squad alive and intact. We had taken the base. This is when I knew, Battlefield 2 delivers.

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Review :: Davan, "Nevada"

Lawrence's Davan fits sharply into the new breed of experimentalists pushing the punk rock vernacular. In music journalist terms, Davan plays "post-hardcore." In your Dad's terms: "What the hell is this crap?"

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Review: Batman Begins - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube

Better than most movie games. But that's not saying much.

Batman Begins is a mediocre game that has been patched together using elements from superior games. If you're looking for great stealth gameplay, get Splinter Cell. If you need a Batman fix, just do yourself a favor and see the movie again.

No. No we're not.

Maybe we could be doing more, but countless people in this town devote substantial time, money and other resources to comforting the city's homeless residents. Certainly, we're not shipping the challenge onto the next town.

If I did the advertising for Bud Light...

This would be my suggestion.