Deadwood Edition Issue #82

July 26, 2005

This is our last periodic summer issue. We will resume weekly editions starting Aug. 16.

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Review :: Buffalo Saints, "Walking the Dead"

The Buffalo Saints' first proper release is trim, it's fit and it's fantastic - though at just six songs it's also begging to be more.

The wind beneath my Buffalo wings

Local Americana rock outfit Buffalo Saints took much longer than they would have liked to release their debut, "Walking the Dead." caught up with 3/4ths of the core band over drinks at the Taproom to figure out what the hell...

Summer Salvage

August move in/move out yields bummer crop of booty for dumpster-diving enthusiasts

Thanks to on-the-move rental tenants like Tracy, the week-long window surrounding August 1 is a paradise for dumpster divers. It's a ritual that occurs with the regularity of KU football underachieving or underage drinkers racking up MIPs; a ritual that typically involves weird karmic journeys of orange, dome-shaped plastic chairs. "I left it at the dumpster," dumpster diver Stefanie Tracy said of a distinct orange chair. "And then I started dating this guy the next year. He had the exact same chair at his house. We all lived in the student ghetto, so I wasn't that surprised."

Slumlord Survival Guide

Local experts dole out advice for Lawrence renters

Bob Ebey prides himself on being a pretty easy landlord to get along with. His tenants stay with him because he charges below-market rent and fixes things when they break. Bob stays with them because they take care of his properties and don't piss him off. Every once in awhile, though, things aren't quite so simple.

Dog Days

"Sun Dog" feeds Lawrence's all-beef Kosher craving

Anyone who knows Nowatzke probably isn't too surprised about his new business venture. He's an outdoor guy through and through - an avid water-skier, bicyclist and horticulturist who spent previous summers hawking his homespun produce at the Farmer's Market. He also runs his own photography business, which he hopes will take off with a little re-investment of his hot dog earnings. Never mind that he's paralyzed from the waist down.

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Review :: The New Amsterdams, "Killed or Cured"

For every upbeat, pop song The Get Up Kids wrote, it seems vocalist Matt Pryor has matched it with a less positive, darker song via his alter-ego as The New Amsterdams' front man. "Killed or Cured," the band's latest free online effort, is no anomaly.

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Review :: The Black Rabbits, "Let It Breed"

Sometimes it's better to not ask questions. I mean, sure, I'd LIKE to know why there's a band in Lawrence called The Black Rabbits that just put out an album with 10 songs about rabbits. I'd LIKE to know the logic behind songs like "Bunnycocks" and "Velvet Rabbit: Rabbits are everywhere in their black rabbit hair." But sometimes it's better not to know.

High Flyers

Indie wrestling crew seeks niche in Lawrence

It's Saturday night at the Lawrence National Guard Armory and Payday Patterson's incandescent orange speedo is about to get bloody. Patterson, a trim yet chiseled 19-year-old from Topeka with a curly white-boy afro, is engulfed in a wrestling match with his nemesis Billy "The Irish Luchador" McNeil. The two have decided to settle their long-stewing feud in a "TLC" match - tables, ladders and chairs.

Week that was

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week...

Bay's "Island" not even as interesting as Gilligan's

I get the feeling that there are a lot of people who think that movie critics are sad little people whose only true enjoyment in life comes from taking the piss out of movies that are really asking for it. Michael Bay's futuristic "The Island," starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson as two runaway clones, is one of those movies that is really asking for it.

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Review: NCAA Football 2006 - PS2, Xbox

Still improving, still the best college pigskin title...and the only one.

This is the best installment in the series so far, and it's very pleasing to see that Tiburon and EA are not going to get lazy with their sports games seeing how there is no more competition when it comes to football simulators.

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Review: Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack - Xbox

Updates and maps that inarguably enhance the experience

Now, Halo 2 takes a giant step (back) toward the greatness and identity that made the series a household name with the Multiplayer Map Pack.

New York!

I want to be a part of it.

Pop culture II

More crap.


Some thoughts about one of my favorite KU basketball players, ever. Also: Firsthand account of the days before air conditioning.