Deadwood Edition Issue #79

May 24, 2005

NOTICE: Deadwood Edition will be vacationing from its weekly schedule during the summer. Look for new issues Jun 14, July 12 and Aug. 2. We will resume weekly editions Aug. 16. online edition will also be vacationing, but thanks to the wonders of the internets, the website will always be updated, albeit sometimes from expensive resorts in Tahiti and what not.

The week that was

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week...

'Cinderella Man' is a patronizing movie that you will likely not like

Ron Howard has huge balls. His latest movie - Cinderella Man - starts off with this line: "The story of James J. Braddock is the best human interest story in the history of the sport of boxing."

My Big Fat Cheap Wedding

Local couples save money and stress with non-traditional weddings

No two marriages are ever alike. From Catholic churches to county courthouses to five-star resorts - the only constants are the bonds (hopefully) remaining after multiple weeks of madness. Throughout the years, however, one technique has endured as the ultimate pill for nuptial-induced stress: Improvisation.

Kruizin' for a cause

Hot-rod and rockabilly festival to benefit local charities

Big Daddy Cadillac is about to live up to his name. The owner of the downtown tattoo parlor - real name Stacy Daugherty - is roping in 200 of the nation's finest hot rods for this weekend's "Kruizin' the Heartland" car show and rockabilly fest. The main event takes place Saturday at the Pow Wow Grounds of Haskell Indian Nations University, where the car show will be flanked by a live music stage and BBQ vendors.

Tease photo

Solagget, "The Delivery"

Wichita is on the rise. The scene known for the last 10 years mostly for yielding Split Lip Rayfield, is fielding some damn good bands lately: Ricky Fitts, Pink Nasty, and - today's shocker - Solagget.

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The Pomonas, "Jubilation" EP

Singer/songwriter Justin Ripley is the brains and shaggy hair behind The Pomonas, a new local outfit that also includes brother Brandon Ripley, Ryan Laird (also of Chemical Ali), and Andy Gassaway - a quartet of multi-instrumentalists.

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Review: Forza Motorsport - Xbox

Microsoft scores with its answer to Gran Turismo

It is completely evident where the developers spent the vast majority of their time -- on the cars and physics. These are great places to spend time on a racing game, but it leaves other elements out to dry.

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Review: Wario Ware Twisted! - GBA

Hands down the most addicting Wario Ware title to date

Sure, the main game is short, but the unlockables and sheer addictive quality will make Twisted last longer than any other Wario Ware title to date.

Wooderson was right?

The only nice thing I'll ever say about Matthew McConaughey.

Girls Gone Wild and journalistic ethics

Yes, I'm being serious.

Love of my life

She does darn near everything with a carefree embrace of life's joys.

YouTube Friday

The Easter Bunny hates you.