Deadwood Edition Issue #95

November 8, 2005

Democracy Now!

Lawrence's The Ants unveil "Chinese Democracy"

When they're not moonlighting as Jehovah's Witnesses, Lawrence's The Ants create eccentric, homespun indie-folk records that bring to mind primitive Pavement recordings and the reckless creativity of The Mountain Goats. The now-stable quartet recently released a split CD/LP with Nashville band Ole Mossy Face titled "Chinese Democracy," a subversive tactic that could either catapult The Ants into infamy, foretell a career of financial ruin or both.


Not scoring with your athletic love? Check the team schedule.

The pre-game ritual: Hydration. Lots of carbs. Plenty of rest. No sex.

Meals on Wheels volunteers assist the homebound elderly and disabled

Our weekly reminder that people aren't all bastards

You have 10 piping-hot meals in your back seat. You have 10 destinations and 10 nice old ladies who want to talk your ear off.

All guts, no glory

Classical musicians labor for the love of the game

There will be no record release show for Pat Stuckemeyer's new CD. No in-store performance, no street team, no T-shirts, no drink specials. Pat Stuckemeyer plays the euphonium.

Style Scout: Corey Sievers and Amanda Ruth Meyers

Amanda Ruth Meyers and Corey Sievers

'Jarhead' takes shots at military life

"Are we ever going to get to kill anyone?" the hero of "Jarhead" pleads. While most modern war movies stress the horror and insanity of combat, this latest drama focuses on the boredom of soldiers waiting around for combat.

Tease photo

Review: The Warriors - PS2, Xbox

The cult classic receives justice in the game translation

While the main story can be completed in under ten hours, Rockstar manages to keep the gameplay fresh the entire way through. It never gets repetitive, and you'll always be doing something different. I actually found myself enjoying the game more as I progressed farther through it.

If this isn't Art then KU stole my money!

"Posted by itsoffthehook on October 3 at 2:09 PM:Art is so cliche, everyone is an artist anymore. In fact I heard Barr call his self mutilated hack job of a haircut art. I think its time to come up with some new word for us true creative thinkers. "Artist" just doesnt cut the mustard for me. I need a title like "The Almighty Creator of Wall Hangings" to truely define my creative/pretensious person." (sic)