Deadwood Edition Issue #90

October 4, 2005

Salman Rushdie, living and writing on epic scale

You know it's foolish, but you can't help flinching when the restaurant suddenly turns up the lights in the darkish corner you've settled into, shining what feels like a theater spot on the balding, blue-shirted international celebrity with whom you're trying to have a quiet lunch.

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Review :: Minus Story, "No Rest for Ghosts"

One of Lawrence's most distinctive voices is Minus Story, a five-piece fronted by the rawboned voice and frame of Jordan Geiger (also the former keyboardist for The Appleseed Cast).

Compeer Program volunteer offers friendship and support to Bert Nash client

Our weekly reminder that people aren't all bastards

Chris Cullinan is a grad student, a teacher, a researcher, a practicum participant and a 24-year-old.

Tres Cool

The local art community gears up for "The Red Balloon To Do," part III

Saturday evening, hundreds of strangers will pass through Chelsea Rae's living room. The occasion promises to be a house party of the highest order, but it has nothing to do with beer, bands or booty. Well, perhaps booty - as in the hundred pieces of art that will be scattered across a four-block area for the third annual Red Balloon to Do.

'History' unleashes themes of violence

So far, the best and most interesting movies of 2005 have been among the most violent. The hostile comic book fantasy "Sin City," the explosive racial parable "Crash," the Nazi biopic "Downfall" and the gunrunning tell-all "Lord of War" all accentuate on-screen violence in healthy doses.

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Review: Burnout: Revenge - PS2, Xbox

"High-flying car crashes" no longer Hollywood hyperbole

I loved playing with Hot Wheels when I was a kid. I loved making them drive off make-shift ramps made of open notebooks resting on pencil jars, careening into my pretend oblivion. Luckily Criterion made the Burnout series for people like me.

The Cheerleader Blog

Dugan Arnett discusses the stresses that come with dating an NFL cheerleader.

On someone else's timetable

Time to spare when grocery shopping by bus