Deadwood Edition Issue #91

October 11, 2005

Queen of Heartbreak

Julia Peterson unveils new album and band

On the first autumn afternoon, a day cool, clear and blue, I listened three times to "What You Came For." It's a good thing there wasn't any whiskey in the house.

Alternative Flashback

KJHK celebrates 30 years of left-of-the-dial programming

Last week, another "alternative" radio station bit the dust. Low ratings signaled the death knell for 97.3FM The Planet, which switched its name to "Max FM" and its format to "Everything That Rocks" (translation: "Everything That Doesn't Rock The Boat").

OWL volunteers help rescue and rehabilitate wild animals

Do not cuddle the bobcats. Do not peek at the skunks.

'Mysterious Skin' :: Film inspired by former KU student's book debuts on screen in Lawrence

Tamara Heim has been waiting for sixth months to see the film adaptation of her brother Scott's novel, "Mysterious Skin." The film, which follows two Kansas teens' attempts to overcome the abuse they suffered as children, debuted on the coasts and overseas as early as April. This weekend, "Mysterious Skin" makes the long journey back to the land where it takes place.

30 years of KJHK: A tribute to Steve Greenwood

circa 1976-83, DJ and music director

At the age of 41, Steve Greenwood departed this life. I'm not sure he was ever totally comfortable here. But his life meant a great deal to many people, both those who cared about him and many who never knew him. I guess that's the purpose of this little remembrance; because if you listen to KJHK, you're still listening to Steve's legacy.

30 years of KJHK: Russ Ham

1978-80, DJ and news reporter, currently a lawyer living in Austin

I started KU in the fall of 1975, about when KJHK began. I was a long-haired physics and math double-major, and KJHK was playing ubiquitous, ordinary pop.

30 years of KJHK: Jacki Becker

Founder of Plow the Fields local music show, currently Lawrence live music promoter

i used to be one of those kids my freshman year in college who would call up and request music all the time (i was the girl that requested "negative creep" by nirvana over and over again).

30 years of KJHK: Justin Montag

Breakfast for Beatlovers cofounder, currently working at Project 2050 in New York

I made a number of great friends in Kansas and across the country while working at KJHK who have helped me become who I am today. Anyone out there interested in the entertainment/music industry should get involved with KJHK.

30 years of KJHK: Blake Gumprecht

1980-83, DJ and music staff reviewer

Anyone who has walked into the cozy KJHK studio and taken a little time to explore the station's LP library is already familiar with Blake Gumprecht. Gumprecht's insightful, thorough and artistic album reviews are affixed to many of KJHK's most treasured records. But the reason behind the colorful reviews went beyond visual aesthetics.

Controversial 'CSA' film snags theatrical release

Lawrence filmmaker Kevin Willmott has spent the last month barnstorming Southern states to promote - and occasionally defend - the upcoming release of "CSA: The Confederate States of America."

Tease photo

Review: Ultimate Spider-man - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube

The best Spider-man game ever

Ultimate Spider-Man is not only one of the most faithful superhero games ever made, but one of the best in terms of graphics, style and execution.

Carless commuter discovers hazards of two-legged travel

The commute to the office was supposed to be the easy part. At least that is what I told my friends and co-workers as I was prepping for the challenge of going one week without once starting the car.

Lutherans celebrate 100 years of campus ministry

More than 50 people are expected back in Lawrence this weekend to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the national Lutheran Campus Ministry.

Clay Aiken concert causes stir in Wichita church

The National Enquirer reports there have been complaints about a planned Clay Aiken concert at Wichita's largest Protestant congregation.

Religious implications in Korea over KU degree controversy

The Buddhist community in South Korea is now debating the religious overtones in a national scandal involving an art curator who allegedly faked degrees from Kansas University.