Deadwood Edition Issue #93

October 25, 2005

Who you gonna call?

Paranormal investigators seek to explain the unexplainable

Unexplained changes in temperature; sudden drops in the energy of batteries; feelings of "heaviness" in the air - these are the tools of the paranormal investigator. Well, the low-budget paranormal investigator at least.

It's good to be used

In a world where high-end jeans come pre-ripped and frayed, Lawrence's evolving second-hand scene blurs socioeconomic lines

Children of the '80s may be the last to remember a time when second-hand clothing was less than rad.

Tease photo

Review :: Archetype, "Bleed For Them"

At first glance the title and artwork adorning "Bleed For Them" suggest anything but what's actually on the album - a multitude of soul-flooded beats and fluid, introspective couplets.

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Review :: Blackout Gorgeous, "Tragic Logic"

Blackout Gorgeous gathers a diverse group of musical personalities from the Lawrence/KC area. Producer Nezbeat is known for his work with local lyricists including Id (with whom he forms Archetype), while bassist Chris Handley regularly gigs with a variety of jam/fusion acts (DOJO, Tanner Walle). The rest of the group includes vocalist Tim Wurtz, guitarist Ryan Wurtz, vocalist/keyboardist Erin Keller and drummer Nick Urbom.

Style Scout: Patrick Clendenin and Nicole Young

Nicole Young and Patrick Clendenin

AmeriCorps volunteer builds 'giving library' and organizes youth service projects

Our weekly reminder that people aren't all bastards

Children visiting the Douglas County Dental Clinic can thank for Mary Thompson for the free book they get to take home with them.

'Doom' unleashes carnage and cliches

The 1993 video game "Doom" was among the forerunners of the "first-person shooter" styles that have since flooded the industry. Now the big-screen adaptation of "Doom" can be dubbed the original "first-person shooter movie."

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Review: NCAA March Madness 2006 - PS2, Xbox

EA keeps the ship sailing with another solid year

Many college teams make up for their lack of talent with a solid transition game. Getting such a dynamic to come alive is much easier in Madness '06 and improves the pace to a significant degree.

Wild West Film Fest

My video was the only one that highlighted any part of KC's diverse culture. I wasn't going to make some white bread bull sh*t. Unless someone's getting shot at Union Station, I won't be there.

Pointy Ears

I'm trying to turn a new corner with this whole blog thing. I've come to the point where it doesn't seem to hold the same amount of enjoyment as it once did. I would like to focus on the video side of my life now. I don't know how relevant this new subject matter will be to this crowd but I'm sure you'll keep me filled in.

R.I.P O.D.B!

The guy was like a train wreck, I just couldn't ignore him. I guess you could even say he was the Brigette Jones of the Wu-Tang! He may have brought most of his misery on himself, but he was still lovable.

Swank pad (minus the gangrene)

John and I told him that he had nothing but time on his hands without a job, so why was he dinkin around waiting for leg to fall off?!