Deadwood Edition Issue #89

September 27, 2005

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Review :: Kelpie, "Hey Friends, It's Kelpie!"

"Mayeye tell uhall sumthing eyeno?/Asking too much eznt ahlot wen yur ask-king god." So begins the debut full-length album from Lawrence's Kelpie, as dictated by the album's printed lyrics. As these two pages of phonetically garbled liner notes seem to indicate, Kelpie speaks its own musical language.

Q&A with David Rees

'Get Your War On' creator returns to Lawrence to spread the gospel of dissent

David Rees clearly has a lot on his mind. The 30-something artist's comics are just a few frames, but they pack a manifesto's worth of punch in sarcastic criticism and biting wit ...

House of Pain

Haskell Boxing Club pushes amateur fighters to reach their potential

Pain is good. Pain lets you know you're alive. Erik Riley reminds his pupils of this as they huff their way through suicide drills in the Haskell Boxing Club's heat and mosquito-afflicted practice space. The makeshift gym is the size of two living rooms - barely large enough to contain the 10 amateur fighters in attendance for a Monday-evening workout.

Habitat ReStore volunteers assist Lawrence's newest charity

Meghan Dervin is hyped about volunteering at The Habitat ReStore.

Downtown after the game

I'm too mature to go nuts when the Jayhawks get into the Final Four. Aren't I? Plus, where should look in Lawrence?

It's spring!

Pardon me while I get sentimental and gushy for a second. The first few days of spring are the best part of the year.

Kickin' the top 500 list old-school

Remember the 80s? The Cold War? The New Wave? And Lawrence?