Deadwood Edition Issue #129

October 10, 2006

Dam Libs! Military Commissions Act of 2006 Edition

Hey kids! - American kids, that is, not alien, combatant, and/or terrorist kids - here's your chance to rewrite portions of the so-called Military Commissions Act. The Act - passed by the Senate on Sept. 29 - was controversial for its vague definition of torture and for stripping of the centuries old right of habeas corpus from alien enemy combatants, among other things. But you and your friends can enjoy this Mad Lib knowing you're safe and sound this side of secret tribunals...or are you? Mwuhahaha:

Actual news *

*based on actual news

HABEAS SHMABEAS - Senate Republicans and the White House reached an agreement on legislation that would redefine detainee rights in the war on terror.

A recipe for fun!

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter bring standup acts to Lawrence

Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter have been conjoined comedy twins since they were founding members of sketch comedy troupe The State back in the early '90s.

Les femmes de spin

Lawrence's lone DJ dames Dolly Surprise hold it down for more than just the ladies

By day, Megan Dudley is a typical 20-something Lawrence townie. She bakes bread at Wheatfields, shops thrift stores and hits the floor at local dance nights whenever she can.

Tease photo

Review: Just Cause (X360)

The sheer amount of glitches, nearly empty environment, shoddy gunplay, laughable A.I., and short length (the main story can be beat in under five hours) should be enough reason to stay away from this title.

Advance Voting

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Beastly Night Noise

Embarassing confession...

The Socially Stunted Salutes Technology

How modern technological advances coddle the socially retarded...

Peter Pan in Search of Tinkerbell

Finals week is taking it's toll - as apparent in this blog...