Deadwood Edition Issue #150

April 9, 2007

Spirit of the Kaw

River tour guide and local character lives his love for the river

Certain people are like Tom Farris, and they are the most interesting people on earth. My cousin Max, for instance. "Mad Max" is what the family used to call him. Max talks fast, and he never stays on topic. And he is supremely fascinated by things. One of his chief delights in life is to spout off random and dubious facts that he found God-knows-where, but which he insists are true. He is not a liar. He is a theorist.

Actual News*

*:based on actual news

U.S. inspires horror in 'The Host'

In 1954, the iconic Japanese monster movie "Godzilla" arose from that country's post-World War II fear of more possible nuclear attacks. Over 50 years later, it seems that America is still inspiring new kinds of monster mayhem, as illustrated by the impressively sleek South Korean import "The Host."

This Is Not a Still Life

Adrianne Verhoeven's non-stop musical adventure

As a member of the Anniversary, Adrianne Verhoeven went directly from high school into the fast lane of rock and roll. The Anniversary toured the U.S., Europe and Japan, opening for the likes of Modest Mouse, Guided By Voices and Cheap Trick, before the band's tumultuous dissolution in 2004.

Hey, Boo

Boo and Boo Too beyond Farmer's Ball

In just over a year of being together, Boo and Boo Too have moved from winning last year's Farmer's Ball after mere months of being together to become a fixture in Lawrence's rock scene. They'd be playing even more shows, were it not for lack of more all-ages venues.

Style Scout: Melissa Knudsen

Style Scout: Nick Ray

Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (Wii)

Tiger Woods for the Wii isn't the massive upgrade some hoped it would be, but it has potential if they improve the motion next year. It's still fun, especially with four players, but it's just not enough to pry me away from its 360 counterpart.

The gift that keeps on giving

And time for another scintillating game of O Caption! My Caption!