Deadwood Edition Issue #138

January 16, 2007

Eastwood's 'Iwo Jima' looks familiar

Clint Eastwood's second World War II drama of the year, "Letters From Iwo Jima" is a more focused film than "Flags of Our Fathers," riffing on the classic anti-war themes of the best of American war movies. Ironically, it is almost entirely subtitled and spoken in Japanese. The soldiers of the Empire look awfully familiar, and many of them don't believe that the war is a good idea. Nevertheless, they will fight to the death against insurmountable odds for a country that knows they will perish.

Kansas atheist "Maggot Punks" fight the right

The Maggot Punks are a bawdy band of atheists and agnostics based out of Wichita who have been baiting anti-abortion activists (whom the Punks refer to as just "antis") since 2002.

Tease photo

Packing Serious Wood

Log Lady aims to set cities on flame with rock and roll

Call them purists, retro-rockers, or deconstructionists and the three members of Log Lady nod in agreement. Call them cock-rockers and they smile.

Ad Nauseam

A peek behind the curtain of a local restaurant's advertising l-l-l-landslide

A pretty blonde in a white dress shakes her hips and makes love to the microphone: Come with me, baby. Spangles got the shakes going on. Oooh, come with me, baby. Spangles is shakin' up some fun.

Actual news*

*based on actual news

Little Sioux Camp Tornado Picture?

Did you see that photo that was circulating back in June claiming to be the Little Sioux tornado in Iowa? Is it real?

4th of July Forecast

No rain for the 4th of July...could it be true?

Is Brownback really shooting for veep role?

A KU professor says Sen. Sam Brownback's presidential bid may really be about becoming vice president.