Deadwood Edition Issue #139

January 23, 2007

'Good German' recalls but cannot duplicate old Hollywood magic

From its handsome black-and-white images and heavy use of shadows to its low-key lighting and back-projected car backgrounds, "The Good German" is a loving tribute to the noir melodramas of the 1940s and 50s. It's a shame that the film can't muster the emotional weight that marks the best of those movies.

Station's format change may yield more airtime for local music

Lawrence bands could have a new outlet for their music after radio station X 92.9 FM switched formats this week from classic rock to "active rock" and promised to play local music.

Actual news*

*based on actual news

Nashville Rising Star

Five years after leaving Lawrence to take a shot a country music fame, Ashley Ray gets her break

Brace yourself for a familiar story, a Nashville story. A starry-eyed girl from middle America story, with humble beginnings and small triumphs and heartbreaks, and in the end the girl gets a major record contract. Brace yourself for a make-it-or-break-it story, cliches and all.

Leave Home!

Fledgling rockers The Kinetiks take their act on the road

Huddled around an atlas at a coffeehouse table, the Kinetiks are planning their first tour.

Touched by an Anglo

Comedian Jim Gaffigan brings his "Beyond the Pale" tour to Lawrence

He's pasty, balding and otherwise your typical wad of doughy Midwestern albinism, but Jim Gaffigan is a comedy rock star.

Cheating, cheater

I am curious to hear your opinion on cheating. My partner and I have been discussing what we feel encourages people to cheat. Both of us are intrigued by cheating and as rational human beings were trying to understand what prompts it. We pretty much agree that it has a lot to do with insecurity and/or a need to challenge social constructs or to engage in deviant behaviors. Do you have any other explanation for this behavior?Heather