Deadwood Edition Issue #145

March 5, 2007

'Zodiac' an epic exploration of famous unsolved case

"Zodiac" is a story of obsession focused on the serial killer who taunted police and terrorized the Bay Area in the early 1970s.

The Call of the Wild

It's Saturday night. Girls Gone Wild is in town.

So here I am on Saturday night at this new tiki bar in Topeka called Sharkey's. It's next to a strip club and shares a parking lot with a bowling alley. Out front, the Girls Gone Wild bus takes up eight spaces and promises a good time.

Sh*ts and Riggles

Newest Daily Show cast member reports on his Kansas roots

Rob Riggle is nice. That's not to say that he's overbearingly friendly or phony pleasant. He just doesn't have the monster ego or narcissistic characteristics you might expect from a star on of one of TV's most influential programs.

Stirring Up the Melting Pot

RedLefty cooks up a stew of swinging American roots music

RedLefty swingin' blues, which is the short way of saying roots- folk- dixieland- bluegrass- country- klezmer- ragtime- hoedown- swing- blues music

Gender Blender

Glamming it up for a good cause at The 'Stache & Lash Drag Formal

Mild mannered granola slinger in the Community Mercantile bulk section by day, dashing bon vivant ne'er do well by night, Jess Anthony wears many hats-and false facial hair pieces.

A Tale of Two Cities

Club owners and promoters fear looming entertainment license could cool Lawrence's vibrant nightlife

Suppose the undulating lifeblood of Lawrence's youth culture is its nightlife and music scene. Suppose this culture has the potential to live or to die as Lawrence changes and grows.

Actual News*

*:based on actual news

Style scout: Andrew Roberts

Style scout: Kate Furst

Kate Furst

Five Trans Folk Executed in the Past Month

Even though you won't believe me I am going to tell you about a frightening national wave of violence against trans folk, particularly trans women.