Deadwood Edition Issue #155

May 15, 2007

Leaders of the new school

Lawrence Letterday joins its heroes building up Lawrence's music scene

When Lawrence Letterday formed two years ago, they figured they'd try to launch their musical careers with a bang-by opening for the Get Up Kids. So they called someone who they thought could arrange a show with the celebrated local group.

Eyes of the storm

Network of Lawrence storm chasers pursue the rush of severe weather across the country

Before the tornado struck Greensburg, as the looming mother storm that would spawn it cut its way through southwestern Kansas, Dick McGowan tried to stay as close to the action as he could. He watched as the supercell spat down a little twister that danced on the ground and was gone. The second act was a skinny rope tornado that morphed into a larger stovepipe.


Local theater prodigy stages off-broadway camp-fest "Zanna, Don't!"

When asked how his butterflies are doing on the eve of opening night, director Steven Eubank grudgingly admits, "They are accumulating nicely, thank you." You would think that this young theater savant-who staged his first production at the ripe old age of 14- might have already, at 23, mastered the jitters.

Ain't No Fortunate Sons

The Only Children unveil "Keeper of Youth"

Composed largely in the shack-wacky confines of Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Only Children's second LP "Keeper of Youth" is a record that questions the value of rock-n-roll as much as it tenuously embraces it.

Actual news*

*...based on actual news

Wherein we peruse the news that was new last week.

Style Scout: Liz Prosser

Save & Splurge

Dan Luckey


Has been in Chicago the past eight months but is visiting Lawrence, where she lived from fourth grade onward.

Chemicals, not splendor, in the grass

Mommy! Can I go play in the toxin pit?