Deadwood Edition Issue #170

October 23, 2007

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Special fun-time masks!

This Halloween's hippest costumes are: John McSlain, Barack "Trick or treat, infidels!" Hussein Obama, Sarah "Hockey Maim" Palin, and Joe "Hidin' the body" Biden!

The Cutting Room

Documenting half a century of movie censorship in Kansas

Early 20th century. The rise of industry has transformed much of the agricultural United States into a land of grimy factories ruled by corporate Goliaths. People are opening their eyes to the injustice and fighting under the nebulous movement called progressivism. Teddy Roosevelt is breaking up trusts, muckrakers are exposing horrific working conditions, women's groups are fighting for equality and prohibition. And then, there is the rise of film...

The Prince of Darkness

Robert Novak, conservative columnist and "Douchebag of Liberty," descends upon Lawrence

What can be said about Robert Novak that hasn't already been said? He's a veteran Washington reporter who has established himself as the preeminent conservative opinion maker of the last 50 years. He's a nationally syndicated columnist, has been a prominent cable news commentator, helped define modern political discourse-oh, and he's the guy that outed undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame.

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All Is Fair

The Fairer Sex set out to prove "Two Can Win"

Getting dumped ain't half bad when you can get in the car and listen to The Fairer Sex on your way out of town. Headed up by the songwriting duo of Zack Hart and David Wetzel, the Lawrence band dwells in the same summery stratosphere as Belle and Sebastian, The Lucksmiths and The Old 97s. Songs built on acoustic guitars and keen lyrics take on richer hues in the group's home studio, where the group cut most of its new record "Two Can Win."

Save & Splurge

Living Proof

Our occasional reminder that people aren't all bastards

Amber Nickel, judging by the promo materials she sent for the upcoming Doggy Monster Ball, likes awful dog puns. A lot.

Review: "30 Days of Night"

The new horror flick "30 Days of Night," (*.5) based on the comic book series of the same name, is one of those simple, high concept movies you can explain to your friends right away. In a tiny Alaskan oil town, it stays dark for 30 days out of the year. Bloodthirsty vampires come to feast, and there's no sunlight to kill them-nice idea.

Actual news*

*...based on actual news

Review Roundup 10/12: Barrels, Bass, and Basketball

We take a look at some of the game offerings of the last month.

Extra Green For Your Week Vol. 2

In case you missed it