Deadwood Edition Issue #191

April 15, 2008

The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth

Earth Day Fashion Show 2008

Trivia question: When do bags upon bags crammed with neckties-enough to wear a different one every day for maybe two years-come in handy? Answer: When you're a crazy-ass fashion designer. When you're sewing an entire gown out of ties. When at least 150 go into the skirt alone.

Actual News*

*...based on actual news

Vice As Nice

Local artists commandeer Haskell Square

To East Lawrence townies, Haskell Square is affectionately referred to as "The Vice Mall"-a one-stop-shop for all of your porn, liquor, parole, Payday Loan and comfort-food needs.

Save & Splurge

Bowling for Puppies

Wii bowling tournament waggles up money for the Lawrence Humane Society

In an adorable pairing likely to induce diabetic shock, the Nintendo Wii and small furry animals are being combined for an insulin-eradicated good time. The Lawrence Humane Society will be holding a Wii bowling tournament to raise money for its many critters, and some of those critters will even be on hand to inspire you to spay and neuter the competition.


:Mass on Mayhem Street edition!

Hey young buck, you think the recent Mass on Mayhem Street was wild?

The Full Nelson

Nelson-Atkins Director Marc Wilson on all things art in K.C.

It's springtime, reader, and what better time to go for a visit to a fine art museum?

E3 Press Conference Impressions

Let there be no doubt that Nintendo is in the driver's seat this year.