Deadwood Edition Issue #193

April 29, 2008

Pop! Art

Artist Brian Stuparyk and his 3-D playground

Some folks say Brian Stuparyk grabs life by the horns. He'll approach any stranger and introduce himself. Before you know it, said stranger is elbow-deep in a conversation spanning three countries, historical trends in art production, and the symbolic ennui of, say, a smashed-up cigarette butt. For instance.

There Can Be Only One

The VegeDactylDylanGuse Edition

The Third Annual Deadwood Derby is nigh. Thousands of dollars of prizes are at stake. Let's meet the contenders.

The Feminine Artistique

LOLA Continues Handmade Local Tradition

While Lawrence prides itself on supporting the arts, gallery closings and less than stellar support for the art auction have caused some to wonder how deep that commitment runs.

A Farr Is Born

Prank call duo Earles and Jensen release "Just Farr A Laugh" collection, nearly break up over KU basketball

A 250-pound dwarf named Bleachy and '70s soft rock pioneer Christopher "F*cking" Cross are on the line for you. Well, not really-your life isn't that exciting-but you can simulate the experience with "Just Farr A Laugh Vol. 1 & 2: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever!"

Eastside Vittles

Activists bring long-awaited market to East Lawrence

The southeast corner of 12th and Connecticut has been a busy place the past couple of months. And the six young community activists sweating and toiling in the building-holding fundraisers, painting walls, ripping up tile-have a big goal:

Actual News*

*...based on actual news


:a day in court edition!!!

A man walked into the Douglas County Clerk's Office and requested records for Williams, Robin. "That's not a joke," he added.

Halfway Across America

American Indian walkers take a pit stop at Haskell in their 3,600-mile journey across the United States

Thirty years ago, a number of bills were introduced in Congress aimed at terminating tribal sovereignty, leaving native matters in the hands of the states.

Save & Splurge