Deadwood Edition Issue #224

December 2, 2008

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Actual news*

KU wins! KU loses. Economy loses even worse. India, Batman, Planned Parenthood gift cards, Barack Hussein Obama ... all reviewed from the week that was.

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Save & Splurge: Cassy Ainsworth

Small business owner, minimalist, bliss lover, and friend

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A Perfect Hell

Art show ponders whether we’re on the cusp of utopia or Armageddon

A leaf blower doesn’t leap to mind as the likeliest harbinger of hell-on-earth, but that’s a matter of perspective. It was that unassuming power tool, being used to manicure a lawn behind Hobbs Taylor Lofts in a futile attempt to fend off natural decay, which inspired Dave Loewenstein and Heidi Zeller to curate a modern convenience vs. inevitable destruction art show.

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Before I Die...

How two artists use death to amplify life

What make some people more aware of their own mortality than others? What motivates people to take action in their lives? What values do we hold as a society? Artists Nicole Kenney and ks rives address these questions in their global survey of human attitudes toward death in a project called "Before I Die I Want To..."

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Style Scout: Courtney Ricketts

27-year-old owner of the Magic Carpet Traveler

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Style Scout: Jason Barr

27-year-old student, printmaker, DJ, and dad

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Townie guide to… seasonal athletic disorder

With Sarah Fertig, senior Seasonal Sports Hysteria Correspondent who is currently running on the treadmill while watching ESPN and ESPN2 simultaneously

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Tiger Beat

The Republic Tigers continue their torrid march up the charts

Hate if you wanna, but The Republic Tigers are still the best band in Kansas City. With the excitement of that whole “we have a lot of fountains” thing quickly rubbing off, it’s high time our sister city put that Puddle of Mudd thing to rest. Enter the Tigers: a brilliant and strikingly individualistic band that offers a beacon of hope to all Midwestern music-makers who don’t yarl.

Segwave of Terror

And now for another O Caption! contest!

Six Word Stories

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”